British media is reporting MINI is planning a production version of the Rocketman concept but not before 2016.

With each new generation, the MINI departed from the meaning of its moniker and now it has reached a point where the BMW-owned company actually wants a smaller model. However, this is where the problems begin as the UKL platform isn't suitable for such a small car so MINI has to resort to collaborating with another manufacturer willing to lend a smaller chassis.

The Rocketman concept shown two years ago received positive feedback and now MINI's head of design says the company is still interested in a city car but "won't reveal anything more [to the world] until [a viable design] is ready." However, he did hint a production Rocketman is still being considered and work is being made for an entry-level model.

Since BMW has teamed up with Toyota for several projects, it is believed MINI's small car will be based on the Toyota iQ, with an estimated starting price of £11,500 ($18,700 or €14,500) and a launch date no sooner than 2016.

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