Porsche has announced plans to stage a special “Project: Secret!” exhibit at the Porsche Museum.

Designed to highlight some of the company's lesser known projects, the exhibit will feature cars such as the 984 which was envisioned as a small and relatively inexpensive sports car that would appeal to younger buyers. Development started in 1984 and the model was slated to feature a rear-mounted 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine with outputs ranging from 120–150 PS (88-110 kW). Designers were also playing around with the idea of a convertible and an all-wheel drive variant but the project was shelved in 1987 when the value of the dollar plummeted.

The exhibit will also feature the 989 which was billed as a "family sports car." Work begun on the model in 1988 and it was slated to be launched in 1995 with a 4.2-liter V8 engine that produced 350 PS (257 kW) and would enable it to hit a top speed of 279 km/h (173 mph). However, the math didn't work out as internal calculations suggested the car would need to cost 150,000 deutsche marks - which was 50,000+ deutsche marks over earlier projections - and the company would only sell 15,000 units annually.

The “Project: Secret!” exhibition runs from September 17th to January 11th and will feature fourteen never-built studies, "unknown" concept cars and camouflaged prototypes. The exhibit will also have miniatures from the Porsche archive as well as films showing early testing on the prototypes.

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