No, this isn't a leaked image of a future design. Nor is it a fanciful rendering from an abstract Photoshop wizard looking to create a portfolio of work to show future employers. We've taken a liking to the Instagram postings from GM Design because it's an official account. In other words, we're getting a peek into the minds of folks who literally shape the automaker's design direction.

Apparently, they've been thinking about the Porsche Panamera. Or rather, Kevin Nougarede might be dreaming about the swoopy sedan. His name is attached to this curious creation, and there's certainly no denying some notable similarities to the Panamera. Aside from the overall shape, the thin taillights and the lower fascia with cutouts for dual exhausts catch our eyes. In fact, we're wondering how much better the Panamera might look if it dropped the vertical fender vents and sharp parallel body lines in favor of this smooth, organic design.


Our Porsche comparison is meant with utmost flattery in this case. The Panamera is certainly a curvaceous liftback, and there's no denying it has performance to spare. Of course, we know that is focused on SUVs and trucks these days, but it's encouraging to see that sedans haven't totally left the building in the minds of designers. Obviously this is just a piece of fiction, though one can't help but speculate at least a teeny bit whether such a creation might hold a place in reality.

We have no idea how old this sketch is. Older designs and archived photos are commonplace on the Instagram account, so this could well be something from years past. The exhaust cutouts at the rear lead us to believe that might be the case, but are we crazy for thinking this could make a neat reboot for an electric Impala flagship?

Yeah, we're probably a little bit crazy there. But honestly, the world of automotive design could use a little crazy right now.

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