BMW will sell the recently introduced 2-Series Convertible with an optional LED door projector.

Nowadays automakers - especially premium ones - are offering a wide array of optional features to entice customers to pay more for additional content and it seems BMW has created a gimmick for the 2-Series Convertible. The Bavarian marque calls it an "LED door projector" which has a certain bat-signal vibe to it.

It displays the circular blue and white BMW logo which by the way is an evolution of the logo used by the Rapp Motorenwerke, an aircraft engine manufacturer from Germany which on June 21, 1917 changed its name to Bayerische Motorenwerke GmbH and is known today as BMW.

The company hasn't provided any other details about this peculiar optional equipment but maybe we will see it next month in the flesh at the Paris Motor Show where hopefully BMW will also provide pricing details.

As a side note, we remind you Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is selling an illuminated center grille star available for several above compact models.

Gallery: BMW 2-Series Convertible available with optional LED door projector

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