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Leaked patent pics could show the design of Infiniti's upcoming LE production model.

It was April 2012 when Infiniti unveiled the LE concept at the New York Auto Show, a sleek electric sedan which now seems will finally get a production version. Chances are it will use an adaptation Nissan Leaf’s powertrain so expect an electric motor providing 107 bhp (80 kW) and 253 Nm (187 lb-ft). Nissan's EV hatchback has a maximum range of 84 miles (135 km) and can return 126 MPGe city / 101 MPGe highway / 114 MPGe combined so the LE's specs should be in the same ballpark.

We remind you the LE concept had an electric motor with 134 bhp (100 kW) and 325 Nm (240 lb-ft), enough to offer "exceptional acceleration" and a 100-mile (161 km) range. The electric motor was working with a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery recharged via a built-in charging port, a rapid charger or a wireless charging system.

The LE will be one of the many models set to be added to Infiniti's lineup in the next five years as vice president of Infiniti Americas, Michael Bartsch, announced the enlarged family will include eight sedans and coupes along with five SUVs and crossovers. He went on to say there will be an electric vehicle and chances are he was referring to the LE seen here.

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