Spy photos show a Chinese automaker is getting ready to launch a small EV which looks a lot like the BMW i3.

The Geely GC9 we talked about yesterday was a very nice surprise in terms of styling both inside and out but now it seems Chinese automakers are at it again as the car seen here is a cheap imitation of BMW's funky i3. It's called the Wuling City Car and will debut as a concept in November at the Guangzhou Auto Show before going into production sometime next year.

While the BMW i3 has rear "coach" (suicide) doors, the Wuling City Car adopts a simpler two-door layout while the overall look clearly echoes the i3 as even the alloy wheel design has been "borrowed." Details about the vehicle are not available at this point but most likely it will be an EV-only model as opposed to the i3 which can also be configured with a range-extending two-cylinder gasoline engine boosting range from 130 - 160 km (81 - 99 miles) to around 300 km (180 miles).

Gallery: Wuling City Car is a Chinese BMW i3 knock off

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