Manny Khoshbin has owned some very special automobiles in his tenure as an online automotive personality. With two Hermes vehicles already in his collection – including a Pagani Huayra and Bugatti Chiron – it’s certainly tough to outshine the status quo. However, that’s soon to be a thing of the past as the real estate mogul picks up his McLaren Speedtail Hermes.

After its release in 2018, the hypercar aimed to stake its claim as the undisputed king of top-speed. Capable of reaching 250 mph (402 km/h), it aimed to be the unofficial successor to the McLaren F1 of the 1990s. While its terminal velocity has since been topped by vehicles like the Bugatti Chiron, the British automaker went for a very different approach with the Speedtail.

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Contrary to Bugatti’s brute-force approach with the 300-mile per hour (482.3 km/h) Chiron Super Sport, the Speedtail’s sole purpose is going fast in a straight line. As such, its carbon-fiber bodywork has been profiled to effortlessly slice through the air – propelled by a 1,035 hp (772 kW) gas-electric powertrain. Along with aero-efficiency, its body shape also keeps the hypercar stable at ultra-high speed.

Before we start a war in the comments section, we’d be remiss not to mention that the digital mirrors on the hypercar aren’t strictly legal in the United States. However, the Speedtail can be imported stateside and registered for road use under the Show or Display exemption; passed in 1999, this allows vehicles that don’t comply with federal standards to be driven only 2,500 miles per year. Funnily enough, the McLaren F1 faced similar issues with its lack of front crash protection.

For the uninitiated, Hermes is a luxury French Designer that has dipped its toe in the luxury-performance automotive market – allowing manufacturers to use its high-quality leather in the interior. Since 1837, the brand has balanced its zeal to be at the top of its game with humanist values. Still a family-run outfit, the company currently owns 43 production sites along with a network of 311 retail stores in 45 countries.

Aside from Manny’s special edition hypercar, McLaren only planned to produce 106 examples, each with a price tag of around $2,240,000 (€1,873,967 at current exchange rates). It may not be the fastest car in the world, but it’s hard to argue against it being one of the prettiest.

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