As dashcams become increasingly common, people are capturing all sorts of automotive stupidity. In this case, the camera recorded the end of a police chase when a pair of crooks in a Toyota Camry blasted through an intersection, lost control, rolled the car, and then fled on foot. To make things even more special, there's also the view from a police helicopter that provides a different perspective on what was happening.

Things got off to a weird beginning when the passenger in the Camry shot into another car for seemingly no reason while driving down Interstate 4 in Florida. The bullet didn't hit any of the four occupants in the other vehicle, and one of them immediately called 911. Their dashcam even captured the Toyota's license plate number while a guy has his arm holding a gun out the window.


The guys in the Camry sped away, but the police helicopter spotted them. It wasn't too hard, since the sedan was weaving through traffic at high speed. The police cars generally keep their distance from the speeding Toyota, since the sedan isn't going to run away from the chopper.

Eventually, the Camry is in what appears to be a fairly rural area. At the intersection, the road goes from three lanes down to one. The dashcam video shows that there's a little bump there, too, and it's enough for the Toyota to catch some air. The combination of going onto the shoulder, being airborne, speed, and a lack of skill is enough for the driver to lose control. A long skid transitions to a roll, but the Toyota ends up on its wheels.

A Reddit user looked at the helicopter and dashcam videos and did some math based on the framerate of the cameras and Google Earth data. By his calculations, the Camry was going between 102 miles per hour (164 kilometers per hour) and 109 mph (175 kph) when it went through the intersection.

The crooks fled into the nearby brush, but one of them quickly surrendered. The other hid in the undergrowth. Although, the helicopter was able to see him. The cops sent in the K-9 unit, and he gave up.

Police charged the driver with aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The passenger received charges of shooting into an occupied conveyance and 4 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm

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