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The annual Easter Jeep Safari is drawing closer, and the concept off-roaders gathering this year in Moab could be electrifying. We mean that literally, as at least one Jeep at the gala will swap an internal combustion engine for a fully electric powertrain.

To further whet our appetite, Jeep offers two new teaser renderings depicting the front clips of Wranglers. That is, we think both of these renderings are Wranglers. We know Jeep will debut an electric Wrangler at the event because the automaker said as much back in February. We also know that Jeep's parent company Stellantis filed a trademark for the name Magneto. Now, we actually see that name on the hood of a Jeep being teased for the big gathering in Moab. So yeah, it's not exactly a leap of faith to assume the EV Wrangler concept is Magneto.

2021 Easter Jeep Safari Wrangler Concept Teaser
2021 Easter Jeep Safari Wrangler Magneto Concept Teaser

However, it is technically an assumption at this point. Jeep could have some kind of Gladiator concept called Magneto, with the actual EV Wrangler being something different. For that matter, the new teaser also includes an orange Wrangler sporting big fender flares, a beefy bumper with a winch, and meaty tires on beadlock wheels that look suspiciously similar to those on the Wrangler Rubicon 392. The teaser rendering clearly shows this is a two-door model, so perhaps some Hemi power is coming to the smaller Wrangler?

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Speaking of the Rubicon 392, we can't help but notice the Magneto concept wears a very similar hood scoop. Here's another theory – maybe Magneto is some bonkers mega-horsepower Hemi hybrid, with the orange Wrangler being the EV? A short press release from Jeep accompanied the teaser images, and it did specifically mention offering a glimpse of "powerful performance concept vehicles." The plot thickens.

There's certainly some pent-up demand for cool Jeep Wrangler concepts at the annual Moab event. Last year's Easter Jeep Safari was canceled due to COVID-19, and the 2019 gathering focused on the then-new Jeep Gladiator pickup truck. This year, the safari is slated to run March 27 through April 4, featuring concept vehicles created by Jeep and Mopar to showcase off-road prowess and adventure lifestyles.

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