Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum recently showed off his restyled Jaguar Mark 2 and now Classic Motor Cars (CMC) has announced plans to put it into limited production.

While the car was originally created as a one-off model, CMC Chairman Peter Neumark said "Within hours [of the unveiling] we had received calls from people all over the globe asking if they could buy one. We asked Ian Callum if we could produce a limited run and he has said ‘yes.’”

Speaking of Callum, he said "I redesigned the car and CMC rebuilt it and reengineered it for my personal use. I wasn’t sure how it would be received but I have been both astounded and delighted with the response." He went on to say "I am pleased that a few more cars are going to be built.”

As we have previously reported, the model features modified bumpers, functional louvres and 17-inch wire rim wheels. The car has also been equipped with a luxurious interior, a retuned suspension and an upgraded 4.3-liter engine that is connected to a five-speed manual transmission.

There's no word on when the new cars will be built but they are expected to cost between £350,000-375,000 ($572,115- 613,203 / €441,878- 473,429).

Ian Callum's restyled Jaguar Mark 2 going into limited production