A recent study based on data obtained from Google Trends shows Ferrari has taken a massive hit in terms of Internet popularity over the last decade. That's not to say their sales have also been impacted because the Prancing Horse is actually doing better than ever. Well, maybe we should exclude 2020 because that was a bad year for car sales in most parts of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the Purosangue to go down in history as Maranello's first-ever SUV, it's safe to assume people will be searching for "Ferrari" more than they have in past years. The high-riding model the fabled Italian brand refuses to label as an SUV has been spotted once again, this time at the company's Fiorano track in Italy. Once again, we're dealing with an early test mule that uses a modified Maserati Levante body.  

Gallery: Ferrari Purosangue Spy Photos

You'll have to excuse the footage quality because the spy video was recorded from afar using a smartphone by YouTuber Varryx, so the adjacent clip doesn't come from our many professional car spies. Nevertheless, it's good enough to catch a glimpse of the Purosangue undergoing testing at low speeds and doing a short powerslide at one point, after exiting a left corner.

Going up the likes of the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, and other models that put the S in SUV, Ferrari's own jacked-up model is still mostly a mystery even though it was originally announced in September 2018. We do know it'll ride on a newly developed Front Mid Engine Architecture with the engine – hopefully, a V12 – behind the front axle while the dual-clutch automatic gearbox will be positioned at the back.

Piano Industriale Ferrari 2018-2022

It goes without saying the Purosangue will come with all-wheel drive and Ferrari has confirmed the new platform can accommodate a hybrid powertrain offering an undisclosed electric range. A "spacious and comfortable" interior cabin has been promised to make the SUV more family-friendly than the defunct GTC4Lusso shooting brake it will indirectly replace. A variable height is also planned, likely by installing an air suspension.

Expect the Purosangue to hit the market sometime in 2022 and there's a pretty good chance it will become the best-selling Ferrari ever, much like the Urus is a veritable cash cow for the rival brand based in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

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