Theophilus Chin has rendered the third generation Fabia in the sedan body style.

Skoda released images of the 2015 Fabia hatchback approximately two weeks ago and shortly after the official unveiling we brought spy shots depicting the Combi variant wearing very little camouflage. Now, Theophilus Chin has decided to envision the sedan body style which some of you may remember was available during the model's first generation, but skipped the outgoing model.

Earlier this year, Skoda did admit they are analyzing the prospects of bringing back the Fabia sedan but still haven't decided yet. If there will be one, chances are it will look a lot like these renders since Skoda makes very few modifications when developing additional body styles.

As far as the trunk size is concerned, the first generation Fabia hatchback had 261 liters whereas the Fabia Sedan came with a 439-liter cargo capacity. The latest Fabia hatchback offers 330 liters so if we were to maintain proportions, this future Fabia Sedan would end up having a more than generous 508-liter trunk. Needless to say, this figure isn't exact but the real one should be somewhere in the region of 500. If you need more, the aforementioned Fabia Combi will likely have approximately 520 liters.

Gallery: 2014 Skoda Fabia rendered in sedan body style

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