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It’s no surprise that modern technology has revolutionized the world of automotive paint. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a complete respray, a dip, or a wrap, the possibilities to add a personal touch to your vehicle are almost endless. As such, Fonzie of DipYourCar showcases what you can expect from peelable chrome paint.

Before we start, we’d be remiss not to mention that these unorthodox paint schemes are unsurprisingly very contested in the automotive space. Semantics aside, the process behind the operation is very eye-opening into what happens behind the doors of a paint shop.

For this specific system, the intensity and clarity of the chrome are very dependent on the quality of the base coat. Once the initial layer has been sprayed on, it can be sanded and polished to produce the mirror-like quality that you would expect from chrome. The BMW M3 used in the video starts with a concourse-level layer of black autoflex which is then covered with the special chrome pigment.

Contrary to the DIY nature of products like Plastidip, this is a step above the competition. Along with using professional products to mask and spray the car, it clearly helps to produce such a staggering result – not to say that you couldn’t achieve the same fit and finish for much cheaper. After just a few coats of chrome, the final result is nearly indistinguishable from a professional respray using traditional automotive paint.

While certainly impressive, Fonzie was quick to clarify that there is a specific clear coat to use with the chrome finish; any normal product would distort the mirror-like finish that makes this paint job pop. Semantics aside, we’d be surprised if these peelable paint products aren’t more readily available in the future.

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