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Mulliner has expanded its customization portfolio with the addition of the Bentley Bentayga as a regular member of the so-called Personal Commissioning Guide. It allows every future Bentayga owner to benefit from the division’s extensive list of exterior and interior personalization options.

As you’d expect from Mulliner, there are hundreds of different combinations that can be made using the studio’s wide portfolio of available colors and materials. Customers can choose bespoke hide colors, painted veneers, personalized interior stitching, and tweed trimmed door inserts. All the options are available for the refreshed Bentayga in all available trim levels.

Gallery: 2021 Bentley Bentayga Mulliner

Starting with the exterior, the Mulliner treatment can be had in 26 additional colors including solids, metallic, and satins. These are added to the luxury SUV’s standard palette of hues and are applied using hand spraying, complemented by the latest robotic technology.

The interior is the place where customers spend the most time looking at the materials and color combos, and Mulliner has an extensive range of 27 hide and stitching colors to feast on. The division will offer combinations with up to three different colors for “a bold and striking look.” Alternatively, customers can create a completely custom color combo for the interior based on their own wishes.

Bentley is very proud that it’s one of the few automakers these days to offer veneer options for the interior. The portfolio is wide and includes more than 100 different options, varying from traditional wood cross-banding to painted veneers and contemporary stone fascias. Thanks to the available veneer options, Mulliner can match all of the interior veneered areas to any of the colors in the exterior paint ranges. It all depends on the customers and what they want.

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