Alfa Romeo confirmed a variety of new models in their five year plan and Automotive News is reporting the company has already started development on three of them.

According to their sources, the oft-delayed Giulia is slated to be launched in mid-2016 and will likely adopt a new name. It will feature rear-wheel drive and engine options are slated to include:

  • A 2.2-liter four-cylinder with outputs ranging from 180-330 PS
  • A 3.3-liter V6 with outputs ranging from 400-500 PS
  • A four-cylinder diesel with outputs ranging from 120-210 PS
  • A six-cylinder diesel with outputs ranging from 250-330 PS

The sedan's platform will also underpin a mid-size crossover and a luxurious flagship sedan which is being billed as a Mercedes S-Class competitor. The crossover will be heavily influenced by the Giulia (or whatever it's called) and feature similar engines, while the flagship will be more exclusive and feature the more powerful engine variants.

Besides the aforementioned models, the company is reportedly considering a mid-size coupe and roadster, a large crossover and an entry-level model that could be offered as a sedan, coupe and hatchback.

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