The Kia K8 is the upcoming replacement for the Cadenza, and the company now reveals the model's comfortable-looking cabin. The sedan makes a full debut later this year.

The K8 features a 12-inch digital instrument cluster and 12-inch infotainment display that share a curved bezel. A panel in the center of the dashboard combines the controls for the HVAC system and shortcuts for the infotainment system.

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The center console features wood trim. A raised, L-shaped portion has all of the drivetrain controls like the rotary knob gearshift and button for selecting the drive mode. This piece also has the switches for the heated seats and steering wheel. Kia will offer the K8 with a 14-speaker Meridian stereo.

The Nappa leather upholstery includes an embossed diamond pattern on areas like the seat bolsters and door panels. The company also uses its Star Cloud lighting the projects a glittering pattern on the door trim and dashboard.

The K8 also has a redesigned steering wheel with an oblong shape. There are a variety of controls on the left and right spokes so that drivers can keep their hands on the wheel as much as possible.

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On the outside, the K8 has sleek styling with a flowing roof. It measures 5,015 millimeters (197.4 inches), so there should be plenty of room inside for occupants to stretch out. The vehicle's face has a fresh take on Kia's grille by incorporating a diamond-shaped lattice pattern. There are skinny headlights that add a little aggressiveness to the exterior. At the back, there are full-width taillights that split off into Y-shaped sections on each end.

Since Kia is sharing interior and exterior images of the K8 already, look for a full debut with technical details soon. It's not clear whether Kia intends to sell the model in the US because the company is removing the current Cadenza and K900 from the market.

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