Analyse this video footage for yourself to see if British race car ace Ben Collins really IS The Stig from TopGear.

These claims have been made before, of who the infamous Stig from Topgear is. Some say he is Jenson Button. Some say his name is Damon Hill. Others, like this video clip we have, say he is Ben Collins. Ben who? He’s 32 years old, is from Bristol, England and has raced in NASCAR and F3. So he’s got skills. But what gives claim to his status as The Stig? Surely The Stig has no known origin, no parents, no voice?

Well, not exactly. Take a look at the vid and hear the man supposedly Stig driving the Lamborghini. This ‘evidence’ stems from the belief that driver’s voice and that of the man in the next chapter (Collins with no helmet, being interviews post-race) are identical. Do you think the voices are identical? We keep revisiting this fascinating story of The Stig, maybe in some small hope that one day TG will have an hour long official "reveal" of who the man is, including previous claimed Stigs like the first black one said to be former F1 race driver/ tester Perry McCarthy. It won't happen, we know, but we keep hoping anyway.

Collins has actually been on TG before as himself, in at least one episode. He was driving high speed, performing a stunt with a car. From his accent alone we can exclude him being American, Finnish or Irish...