It's no secret that Alfa Romeo is in dire need of new models to stay afloat. With the Giulia and Stelvio soldiering on for the brand, and with the Giulietta and 4C on their way out, the Italian brand needs new models to compete with the domination of the Germans in the luxury vehicle segment.

While the Alfa Romeo Tonale compact crossover (leaked below) is allegedly debuting in September of this year,  a report from discusses another ace up new Alfa CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato's sleeve: an E-segment competing sedan to rival the BMW 5 Series.

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The Spanish automotive site seems privy to the matter, stating that the executive sedan will arrive in 2025 and is currently in the design phase. They shared, however, an exclusive rendering to anticipate the arrival of the sporty sedan, which will sit atop the Giulia in Alfa Romeo's lineup. You may view the stunning, albeit unofficial, rendering atop this page. also shared some details about the upcoming sedan, such as its usage of the billion-dollar Giorgio platform. It will also arrive in gasoline, plug-in hybrid, and electric flavors. But as always, sprinkle some salt on this rumor – at least until Alfa Romeo gives us official updates.

What we know, however, is that Alfa Romeo, DS, and Lancia are jointly developing a new generation of cars that will be launched in 2024. The collaboration was born with the Stellantis merger, with the three automakers sharing powertrain and technologies that won't be available for the other brands under Stellantis.

Should the Germans be worried about their dominance in the luxury vehicle segment? Only time will tell, but seeing how gorgeous an E-segment Alfa Romeo sedan is based on the unofficial rendering, we won't be surprised if the market will be stirred.

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