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Remember when purchasing a Kia was a value-driven decision? Well, those days are behind us as customers are now paying over sticker for the Kia Telluride SUV. Think you can walk into a Kia dealership to negotiate a good deal on their desirable Telluride SUV? Better think again because according to CarsDirect you’d be lucky to pay MSRP to drive one home.

The Kia Telluride has been on the market for over two years yet Kia cannot match consumer demand. This means dedicated customers need to fight past the low supply and pay over sticker to take home a Telluride. The Telluride’s main selling point was its value for money based on features and quality. Customers used to buy Kias because they would get more for their money but that’s not true for Telluride customers who routinely pay more than MSRP.

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Now it’s not new for dealerships to markup exciting vehicles with limited production numbers. Ford dealerships are notorious for this practice thanks to their markups on F-150 Raptors, Ford Focus RS’s, Shelby Mustang GT350s, and Shelby Mustang GT500s. Although the Kia Telluride is a compelling product, let’s face it, it’s not GT500.

That’s what makes this situation so interesting. Here we have a Kia SUV that’s been on sale for two years in one of the most competitive segments in the automotive industry, yet customers are lining up for the opportunity to own one.

With a $10,000 markup on a Kia Telluride, you could easily find yourself behind the wheel of a better-equipped BMW or Audi. Imagine hearing that ten years ago. So, from the darling of customers looking for a deal to a status symbol in limited supply, the Telluride has transformed the Kia shopping experience.

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