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It’s no surprise that much of the central United States has experienced a rapid cold snap. While many areas were afflicted, it’s clear that the great state of Texas took on the absolute worst mother nature had to offer. Politics aside, the lone star state – among many others – needs relief of all forms in order to rebuild.

While the effects of the winter storm were very widespread, the damage wasn’t just limited to power and water facilities. The extra snow and ice lead to a number of trees going down, taking quite a few cars out of operation. As such, Mazda is offering a limited discount to help customers replace automobiles damaged by the storm.

According to a letter sent to Mazda dealers, residents of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas may be eligible for $750 in disaster relief assistance. The exact semantics are unclear, but the incentive is available on all models regardless of whether you plan to buy or lease. 

To qualify for the discount you’ll need to provide a valid insurance claim showing damages occurring between February 13-19; the incentive can also be combined with rebates and low APR offers along with Mazda’s $750 loyalty discount. It may not sound like a lot, but many residents are in dire situations and will take anything they can get – for those interested, the offer is available until April 1.

We’d wager that a number of other automakers will introduce similar offers for afflicted customers. There are still many without access to simple necessities like clean water and food, but Mazda’s effort will make a world of difference in getting families back on their feet. 

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