It took three years for to complete Justin Bieber's custom Rolls-Royce Wraith with styling inspired by the Rolls-Royce 103EX concept (gallery below). The build is finally complete, and the shop chronicles the long build process in a new video.

Bieber started off wanting to buy the 103EX, but that vehicle wasn't even drivable. It was simply a styling exercise to highlight the brand's future. Instead, West Coast Customs worked with the pop star to build a Wraith with overhauled styling to look more like the concept.

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The team started by scanning the exterior of the Rolls Royce to know the exact shape of every body panel. West Coast Customs then used that info to create molds for the new body kit.

The Wraith now has covers that conceal the wheels and make the coupe appear to float down the road. There is also a new front end with a more complex design and resculpted fenders that lend a flowing look.

This creation is closer to classic coachbuilding, rather than just throwing a body kit onto a normal vehicle. West Coast Customs also came up with unique lighting, including hidden illumination along the lower edge of the body, which creates an especially striking effect in the dark.

Inside, it's hard to improve on what Rolls-Royce does. West Coast Customs simply changes out the colors of the leather upholstery to match the exterior. 

The bigger change is improving the audio system. The professionally tuned setup includes amps with a power slide-out section in the trunk. It's quite a showpiece for the already impressive vehicle.

The video also catches the moment that Bieber takes delivery of the custom Wraith, and he's very impressed. The reaction is understandable because the pop star now owns a unique Rolls-Royce that looks like none other on the road.

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