Shopping for a new home can be stressful as you work to balance your budget alongside countless wants and needs. So, if you want a lake front home and need a six-car garage, well then, we’ve got the home for you. It about time your cars had a home of their own and this Michigan home offers room to grow your family and vehicle collection.

No garage, one car garage, two car garage, there just never seems to be enough space for cars in homes. Most builders prioritize living space above all else, attempting to cram as much square footage onto ever shrinking parcels of land. It’s about time cars had their say in the building process.

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This home in Waterford Township, Michigan stands up to houses the don’t prioritize garage space and offers some of the most impressive home package I’ve seen. Inside this relatively normal looking home there is room for up to six cars. That’s not to mention the high ceilings and in garage heating system. These high ceilings mean that you have room to install a hydraulic lift which would increase car storage space and allow you to work on your vehicles in a temperature-controlled setting.

Sadly, unique homes like this are few and far between so a dedicated Facebook group called Gearhead Homes keeps track of the precious few garage first homes. On this group you can find homes around the world the cater to car enthusiasts who may have a few more vehicles than the average person.

Lake front views, room for six cars, and a beautiful interior, this Michigan based home has it all and is the perfect place for your family of humans and cars.

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