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Winter weather paralyzed the nation this week, plunging Texas into a dangerous deep-freeze while countless states struggled to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations. For many across the US, the roads are slick, slippery, and snow-covered, forcing the states that could to dispatch an army of snow plows and de-icing trucks. It’s a methodical dance as trucks crisscross cities clearing roads, which was recently captured on video in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet posted a video to its Facebook page that shows seven snow plows of various shapes and sizes clearing snow away from I-75’s barrier wall – an important north-south corridor that connects Michigan to Florida. It’s a three-lane highway, but the plows also cleaned the shoulders. They took a staggered stance, with the lead truck positioned against the barrier. They worked in tandem, pushing the snow from the left side of the highway to the right side and off onto the grass past the shoulder.

Snow- and ice-covered roads have proved deadly over the last few weeks, so quickly and effectively clearing them for traffic is vital. The video Kentucky video also shows a gaggle of support vehicles providing a buffer between the trucks and the eager backed-up traffic behind it. However, while the clearing may add several minutes to the morning commute, there’s no doubt that the delay has a huge safety benefit.

The video highlights the massive effort needed to clear away snow against the highway barrier. A similar effort is required to clear the driving lanes, too, and the countless other two-, three-, and four-lane roads in many states. Changing weather conditions can make keeping roads clear impossible. Improperly plowed roads can make traveling dangerous and hinder first responders at a critical time. Plowing roads is often a thankless job, though for many across the country this week, they’ve been heroes.

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