It’s feeling more and more like Acura is going through a proper Renaissance. With fresh products like the 2021 TLX and 2022 MDX, the company is seemingly getting its mojo back, looking to take on its rivals with a bit more heat. But how exactly should the automaker carry out this task? Well, with more SUVs, of course – at least according to its dealer network.

In an interview with Automotive News, Acura Dealer National Advisory Board representative John Connelley wasted no time getting to the core of what dealer franchises want:

Acura RDX
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“When you look at the MDX and RDX and you see those sales, they're consistently selling 50,000 to 60,000 per year, and people love and trust them year after year. Acura has so much equity in their SUVs that it would make complete sense to have both a crossover that would slot below the RDX and slot above the MDX. I think there is plenty of room there for that."

Acura’s two SUV offerings are the undisputed bread and butter of the lineup, the RDX and the MDX. The duo hogs an overwhelming majority of sales. The question is whether or not there is room for two more.

2022 Acura MDX A-Spec Exterior Front Quarter

Companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo had had huge success with their smallest crossover offerings. If Acura built something GLA-sized to slot in below the RDX, we’d imagine a similar success story. Most importantly, such a car is a great way to court younger buyers into the brand for the first time.

And then there’s the matter of a flagship SUV, which is a space made more competitive recently with the excellent BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS. With ongoing rumors of a new Lexus flagship on the horizon, a full-size Acura SUV could make more sense than ever before.

The Honda/Acura duo is one that likes to play things safe, making calculative moves without too much risk. So while we’d be surprised to see an expanded lineup in the immediate future, a long-term rollout isn’t out of the question. For the time being, we’ve been raving about the most recent products, so any new vehicle wearing an A badge is a welcomed one.

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