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Folks, when you catch a veritable fleet of camouflaged test vehicles in the snowy north, you take lots of pictures. In this case, spy teams came upon Hyundai exercising several electric prototypes from its family brands Kia and Genesis, not to mention the automaker's own forthcoming EV offering, the Ioniq 5. By the time the camera shutters fell silent, close to 60 photos showing exteriors and interiors were snapped. Let's have a look.

We'll start by pointing out how similar the three crossovers look, at least while wearing heavy camouflage. That shouldn't be a surprise, as all three should share Hyundai's Electric-Global Modular Platform. They all feature a wide stance with a lower greenhouse, while still offering plenty of ground clearance and all-wheel-drive functionality. In an age where definitions of SUVs and crossovers are increasingly blurry, these vehicles embody the crossover side of the equation.

Gallery: Kia CV New Spy Photos

While there are similarities, there are some easy differences to set the three EVs apart. Kia's entry is officially unnamed thus far, but we previously reported that it has the internal designation CV. It's identifiable in the gallery above with its boomerang taillights, visible through the camouflage. It also wears different headlights from both the Genesis and Hyundai prototypes, and it lacks chrome trim around the side glass.

Kia CV Interior Spy Photo
Kia CV Interior Spy Photo

Speaking of Kia, the photographer managed to get close enough for some interior shots. While much is still covered, it's not hard to see the large digital screen that connects the instrument readouts to the infotainment system. We also see some tactile buttons and knobs below the center screen, so Kia's EV crossover won't have a completely clean greenhouse.

Gallery: Genesis GV60 Spy Photos

From a profile view, the Genesis GV60 (above) looks pretty much the same. The beltline and up-kink on the rear windows is a match, and we even get a brief look inside the luxury EV to see a screen layout very similar to the Kia. At the back, however, we easily see the GV60's taillights, which should borrow the split-lens look from the GV80.

The Ioniq 5 is only captured in a few images (below) sitting alongside the other test vehicles. It's a bit wider at the backside compared to the others, and again, its horizontal taillights are easy to spot.

Gallery: Hyundai Ioniq 5 New Spy Photos

Winter testing for these electric crossovers is obviously in full swing, and from our vantage point these prototypes look production-ready. There's a good reason for that – we already know that Kia's offering will debut in March, and the upscale Genesis GV60 is also expected to debut around the same time. However, Hyundai will beat them all with the Ioniq 5, which is slated to happen in mid-February. With this article posting on February 10, that means we are just days away from full disclosure.

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