The driver of a Ferrari California somehow managed to survive after rear-ending a bus at more than 62 mph (100 km/h).

This is literally living proof that vehicles are much safer nowadays compared to decades ago. An inexperienced driver in his 20s was doing in excess of 100 km/h on the Al Rawdha bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road in Ajman, UAE when he lost control of the Ferrari California and collided with four cars before hitting the back of a bus which at that moment was carrying fifty workers.

Despite these worrying photos of the aftermath, the California driver miraculously survived and was transported to the hospital together with a man from one of the four cars crashed. According to the police, both of them will recover even though the impact was very powerful. Even a spokesman of the Ajam Police said "we couldn't believe that the driver survived."

Gallery: Ferrari California driver miraculously survives after hitting bus

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