There are few things as dramatic as seeing a car catch fire. Maybe it’s the decades of Hollywood blockbusters that have primed the adrenal glands for a massive explosion that quickens the heart rate in anticipation. Regardless, such a sight is often stunning – one that compels many to pull out their phones and record the incident. That’s what one TikTok user did, recording dramatic videos of her 2021 Ford Super Duty going up in flames.

The woman posted three videos of the incident, showing where the fire started, how it spread, and what was left. The first shows fire sprouting through the hood and shooting out from the front wheel wells. The second video is much more dramatic, showing the pickup fully engulfed. The front tires are popped, and the doors have melted off, revealing a burning interior. The last bit of the car’s exterior untouched is the rear bedside fender.


However, the last video shows the true devastation. Little survived, with the front bumper and massive engine being all that really remained. The entire exterior burned away, as did the interior – the metal seat frames are visible. According to the woman, her husband remote started the Ford truck, came out, backed it up, and heard a pop. He got out, opened the hood, and noticed the flames in the engine bay. The woman says the truck was leaking diesel fuel, and the video does show a trail of mysterious fluid, though a full investigation is needed to discover the true cause.


Recent videos have shown cars new and old, expensive and cheap, going up in flames for various reasons. Thankfully, it appears in this case that no one was hurt. The owners did call the fire department, though the fire spread too quickly to stop. Cars are filled with various flammable fluids and materials, and the destruction can be devastating, often reducing a vehicle to scrap. 




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