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Based on an Instagram video from Stephan Barral we see the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV testing on the snowy roads of Sweden. Ferrari’s first SUV has a lot to prove to brand faithful and decerning SUV shoppers who have their pick from every major brand. This critical vehicle will be the most practical Ferrari ever built and will offer customers the chance to use their Ferrari every single day rain or shine.

A recent spy video shows the Purosangue navigating some very snowy roads in Sweden during winter testing. This commitment to all-weather useability makes the Purosangue one of the most interesting modern Ferraris which can now handle all conditions.


It’s tough out there. The other day I wanted to drive my Ferrari 488 Pista to pick up some groceries at Whole Foods but then a snowstorm hit and then I realized there’s no room for groceries in the Ferrari. This issue cannot stand and thankfully Ferrari is cooking up a solution for customers just like me and you. Soon I’ll be able to pick up cases of Kombucha regardless of the weather thanks to the upcoming Ferrari Purosange SUV.


The Purosange SUV will be powered by either a V12 or V8 depending on trim level and will be Ferrari’s volume seller to help pay for the development of future low volume hypercars and supercars. This addition to Ferrari’s product portfolio is an important factor in growing the Ferrari brand and appealing to more customers.

Are you ready for a Ferrari SUV? Well, regardless of your answer the Purosangue is coming and soon the world will be packed with red SUVs built to fund Ferrari’s Formula One Team which certainly needs a boost so please consider a donation to Ferrari so they can finally beat Mercedes.

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