Following last weekend's preview, Mercedes-Benz has fully revealed the S600 Guard.

Mercedes-Benz says the S600 Guard is the first vehicle in the world "comprehensively certified" for highest ballistic protection in resistance class VR9. The armored S-Class has received specially developed protective components made from a special type of steel built into the cavities between the body structure and outer skin. For additional splinter protection, the vehicle comes with special aramide (heat-resistant synthetic fibers) and polyethylene components.

All glass areas have been coated with polycarbonate on the inside and they also feature a laminated structure. From a visual point of view, the S600 Guard looks virtually the same as the non-armored model and can be had as a four- or five-seater with a 350-liter trunk capacity. Power comes from the same V12 6.0-liter twin-turbo engine outputting 530 PS (390 kW) and 612 lb-ft (830 Nm) of torque as in the regular S600.

Guard-specific equipment includes a panic alarm system, opaque roller blinds, emergency fresh air system, hydraulic side windows, gimbal rear LED reading lamps, special rear cooling compartment and heated windscreen & side windows.

Further info can be found in the attached press release.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard officially revealed

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