Earlier this week Mercedes-Benz commenced production of the S-Class Guard, an armored version of the company's flagship model.

Manually built in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, Germany, the S-Class Guard is assembled alongside the armored E-Class (W212), M-Class (W166), G-Class (W463) and S-Class Pullman (VF 221). It offers up to VR7 levels of protection against military weapons that "travel twice as fast as bullets fired from a revolver." It can also withstand shrapnel coming from hand grenades as well as other similar types of explosives.

The car's overall weight has not been specified yet but the S-Class Guard is far from being a lightweight vehicle taking into account the windshield alone tips the scales at 135 kg (297 lbs) and is 10cm thick. To provide the best protection possible, most areas of the passenger cabin are wrapped around in 5cm thick steel plates.

Available at this moment only in S600 guise, the armored version is around 200,000 EUR more expensive than the regular S600 which in the United States has a starting price of 166,900 USD (124,300 EUR) so the S600 Guard should kick off at around 324,300 EUR (435,000 USD). As a reminder, a Brabus-built armored S-Class Pullman 6.4 meters long and 5,300 kg (11,684 lbs) heavy is slated for a 2015 release with a base price of 1M EUR (1.34M USD).

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard enters production, up to VR7 protection available

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