BMW and MINI are preparing to launch a handful of front-wheel drive models and BMW's Corporate and Governmental Affairs spokesperson has revealed that up to 40 percent of their vehicles could be front-wheel drive in the future.

Talking to Car Advice, Kai Lichte said "We can count on total [BMW] Group sales, up to 2020, of up to 40 per cent coming out of small and compact car segment, [based on the] UKL [platform]." Lichte declined to go into specifics but the company has hinted the UKL platform could be used to underpin up to 12 BMWs and 10 MINIs.

Despite the growing number of front-wheel drive models, Lichte says the company "will stick to rear-wheel drive from the 3-Series onwards." The spokesman also downplayed the possibility of a front-wheel drive M or M Performance model by saying they will be exclusively rear- or all-wheel drive.

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