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Compromise is a keyword in the camper-van community. Space is a hot commodity in the limited floor space, forcing customers and builders to make some difficult decisions. Often that means cutting the bathroom down to just the essentials and cramming it into a tiny closet, though a new custom build decided to take a different route by offering an expansive bathroom and shower – well, expansive for a camper van.

Based on a 170-inch (431.8-centimeter) wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter, the camper was made to feel like a studio apartment, which meant upgrading the facilities. The shower/bathroom combination measures an impressive 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) by 40 inches (101.6 cm), which provides plenty of standing room even when it’s equipped with a toilet. It also features a rain shower head recessed into the ceiling. The shower is located a the rear of the van, and it’s accessible through the rear cargo doors.

The rear accessibility and shower house makes washing off the dirt and grime from a day outside a breeze without tracking it all inside. The camper is designed for two, with a long bench on one side facing an equally long eight-foot countertop, which features the two-burner stove. The bench slides out into a bed while also housing many of the van’s various systems underneath it, like the battery storage for the roof-mounted solar panels and 2.5-gallon electric water heater.

LED lighting throughout, including inside the recessed wall boxes on the sliding door, gives the space a modern feel. The camper has a copious amount of cupboards and storage nooks, along with a slide-out dual-zone refrigerator and freezer. The camper also features a custom countertop made from three oak pieces, and it features a divider between the van’s cabin and living quarters. This custom camper is just one possibility in what seems like an endless selection of layout options.

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