Hot Wheels in collaboration with Mattel and Picture Car Warehouse have created a full-size Darth Vader car.

Just in time for 2014 San Diego Comic-Con which starts today, Hot Wheels has prepared a 1:1 Darth Vader fully operational car. It was actually developed by Mattel and built by Picture Car Warehouse with a Corvette C5 chassis and power coming from an uprated V8 LS3 engine developing 526 bhp (392 kW) delivered to the rear wheels.

The vehicle's menacing appearance includes a peculiar nose manufactured from carbon fiber while the custom wheels were made by MHT and wrapped around in redline tires. It is believed the interesting vehicle can hit a top speed of 80 mph (129 km/h) and comes with an interior cabin mimicking Vader's mask and it also incorporates the famous breathing noises.

A 1:64 toy version of the car bundled with a commemorative box and a case looking like Vader's red lightsaber is available at San Diego Comic-Con for 40 USD and after the show a limited number will also be sold at Hot Wheels Collectors.

Gallery: Hot Wheels reveals sinister Darth Vader full-size operational car [video]

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