Volkswagen took control of Porsche nearly two years ago but it appears the Stuttgart-based company isn't getting along with its new sibling.

According to Automobile Magazine, Porsche is miffed because Audi has apparently rejected their Modular Standard Platform (MSB) despite the fact that it could underpin the next-generation A6, A7 and A8. The report goes on to say Porsche isn't a fan of the Audi-developed MLB Evo platform that will underpin all large crossovers from the Volkswagen Group because they see structural deficiencies, a "compromised suspension system," an "inadequate electronic architecture" and limited powertrain flexibility.

Sibling rivalry is rarely one sided so it comes as little surprise that Audi isn't exactly thrilled with Porsche either. According to the report, Audi and Lamborghini aren't happy with the proposed Porsche sports car platform that would underpin the 2021 Huracan successor and the 2022 R8. The Italians are apparently incensed enough that they want to develop their own carbon fiber chassis.

Volkswagen isn't happy with the infighting as one senior strategist told the magazine "If we don’t call the shots here at HQ, Audi and Porsche will never get their acts together. What these guys fail to understand is that they have to cooperate, not fight each other."

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