Folks who want to lease the new Ford Bronco might be better off shopping for the four-door model because the currently available rates make it cheaper than the two-door. Cars Direct breaks down the numbers to show how this is possible since the four-door carries a higher asking price.

The savings come from Ford's residuals for calculating a lease. A two-door Big Bend grade Bronco has a 36-month lease for $421 per month and $4,069 due at signing. This works out to a real-world price of $534 a month.

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The same trim level as a four-door would be $380 for 36 months and $4,277 at signing, and this works out to $499 per month in the real world.

This works out to a savings of $35 per month. However, this trim level of the two-door Bronco has a listed price of $36,475 versus $38,970 for the four-door. You're getting an SUV that costs $2,495, but paying less for it than the other model.

Cars Direct notes that a buyer should perform due diligence when shopping for the new Bronco, though. For example, less expensive Bronco trims don't have nearly as impressive of savings between models. On the base grade, the monthly lease price difference between the four- and two-door is just a $15 per month savings.

Other recent research from Cars Direct showed that it could be cheaper to lease the 2021 Bronco rather than a Bronco Sport. For the base version of both vehicles, the larger SUV would have a real-world monthly cost of $419 per month, versus $449 a month for the smaller crossover.

While Ford is now taking orders for the Bronco,production reportedly doesn't begin until May. Expect to see the first of them in showrooms in June.

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