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Let’s be honest, we can all get a little extreme when it comes to hauling in groceries from the car to the kitchen. The lengths we go to limit the number of times we have to come back can sometimes become excessive. Outside the world of grocery transportation, Viral Hog’s latest video showcases the driver of a Honda Accord who may have taken the one trip mantra a bit too seriously.

We can’t be sure where the original footage came from, but the video description mentions Garland, Texas. Therefore, we could be cute and say something along the lines of everything’s bigger in Texas, but this roof load has to be some sort of record.

It goes without saying that we don’t recommend this at home, but we’d be remiss not to mention the apparent attention to detail when it comes to the packing job here. If our eyes aren’t deceiving us, there’s a fire extinguisher strapped to the front for easy access should the firestarter on top of the roof decide to ignite. We’re not sure what difference it would make, but it’s the thought that counts here.

To ensure some amount of forward visibility – or maybe just to pack more stuff on top, we don’t really know – there appears to be some sort of super-structure supported by the hood. Regardless, we've been lost for words at first sight of many vehicles, but this clearly takes the cake. Every time we watch the video we notice something new.

Please leave a comment below on how you’d react if you saw this pass you on the highway. We honestly have no idea how to feel.

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