The 996 generation Porsche 911 brought many things to the table: water cooling, more power, new styling, and many other features. However, in the mid-90s’ the German automaker decided to produce a one-off bulletproof 996 Carrera after a special customer request. YouTuber That Nine Eleven Guy profiles the vehicle in his latest video.

The story goes that just up the road in Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz was building bullet-proof cars for diplomats and royals. Feeling a bit left out, Porsche decided to quietly join the party with its 911 Carrera. Nobody knows who ordered the special automobile, but rumor has it that it was a high-ranking Porsche official that was petrified of an angry mob of air-cooled purists coming after him.

We’d be remiss not to mention that the clientele looking for such a car would likely want to blend in a bit more – not behind the wheel of a Porsche wearing dragonfly turquoise metallic paint – but we’d wager the German automaker was leaning towards the hidden-in-plain-sight ethos. No matter though, because from the outside, it looks just like any other 911. 

There are plenty of modifications, but the clear party piece here is the 20mm (.78 inches) thick glass surrounding the cabin – the rear-glass even keeps its heating elements. While most automakers would opt for a steel body, Porsche went for Dyneema which is the same weight as steel, but 15 times stronger. The German automaker did do some quality control testing on this machine and allegedly it successfully held back gunfire from a 9mm pistol and .44 caliber revolver.

However, the added protection means that the vehicle does tip the scales at roughly three metric tons (6,613 pounds) so it isn’t what you’d call fast – it was built before the turbo version had been released. Regardless, this car remains a very important piece of Porsche history that isn’t very well known.

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