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Although the Jeep family is growing, management says all of the Jeep siblings will get along just fine. With the addition of larger family-oriented luxury SUVs like the three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Jeep Wagoneer family, it seems difficult to imagine a world where they all live in harmony. Thankfully the team at jeep has put a great deal of effort into the planning of their growing product portfolio and assures us everything will be just fine.

In an interview with Motortrend, Christian Meunier, global president of the Jeep brand explains their plan. For years dedicated Jeep customers faced a massive problem. As their families grew, they would eventually have to leave the Jeep brand to purchase a minivan or three-row SUV from another make. The Jeep brand recognized this shortfall and has been working on a three-row SUV product offering for years. It just so happens that in 2021 we will see the addition of two three-row SUV offerings.

First, we have the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L which debuts a mid-sized three-row SUV offering based on the upcoming 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This three-row SUV is meant to compete with smaller competitors like the Kia Telluride and Ford Explorer. The unibody Jeep Grand Cherokee is meant to be more affordable when compared to the upcoming Wagoneer.

The Jeep Wagoneer will be a traditional body on frame SUV, that is much larger than the Grand Cherokee L. Pricing will also be significantly more for the Wagoneer and even higher for the Grand Wagoneer. This distinction leads the team at Jeep to believe that all of their new three-row SUVs can live in harmony while offering customers the vehicles they’ve been asking for.

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