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Blogs, blogs, blogs - they're everywhere! Everyone has a blog (define), even my parents and my 6 year old niece has a blog. Yes, anyone can start a blog and that's precisely why blogs are so great. Blogs are a powerful communication tool that empower and bring people together.

After receiving lots of emails from readers asking for a "rumors" category we realized a blog format would be perfect. With a blog, (WCF) would be able to cover all of the smaller yet important stories normally passed over. And still preserve the reputation that WCF has developed for publishing only official car manufacturer news, videos and photos. The blog would give WCF editors more flexibility to deliver a wider variety of topics from corporate news and technology to hot rodding, motorsports and wet t-shirt contests.

Therefore our decision was made and one week later our talented web developers Bien and Clinton built our very own custom blog system which integrates into WCF main site. As a result, there is no need to access two sites (unless you want to). We have added the latest blog entries to the bottom of WCF main page. However, be forewarned, WCF main site updates will no longer come once per day. Just like the blog entries, the WCF main page has been redesigned to be more "live" by publishing stories as soon as we edit them throughout the day and maybe even weekends. Updates will constantly be coming through and therefore highly addictive, hence the slogan, "The quick fix".

The WCF blog is a work in progress and new territory for all of us here at WCF. In fact, we hurried this launch to make it before the Geneva motor show which starts this coming Tuesday. So we are going to slap a "beta" label on the title for now and kindly ask you to be patient with us as we make everything perfect. The messaging system which allows readers to leave comments for blog entries is currently missing but we will add it in the coming days.

We know that our blog entries won't always be perfect and errors will be made, but we know we can count on you, the reader, to let us know when we do slip up. We welcome your tips, corrections and suggestions.

Please send them to: tips[at]

Enjoy and see you in Geneva!

Brian Potter
Editor in Chief

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