Power is upped to 314 bhp in Inden Design Porsche Cayman S tune-up. Car gets bigger wheels and pimped exhaust pipes.

German tuning firm Inden Design just couldn’t wait for the official Cayman S Sport to be revealed, and so they did what they are in business for; tuned their own. The new exhaust system fitted in the car – what a cracker that looks too – helped it push 19 more bhp to 314 bhp. Apparently the exhaust flaps work with the control unit which works in conjuction with a small microprocessor. This processor is embedded in the system and is freely programmable.

A sports kit which one needs not tell you about as you can already see it yourself, lists 19-inch alloy wheels running on 235/35 R19 tyres on the front side and 305/25 R19 for the rear. H&R height adjustable coil covers add to the performance package of this 3.4-litre baby Porsche.

Porsche Cayman S by Inden Design