Ascari Supercar Hits Slot Car Tracks

Ascari, the Banbury based supercar manufacturer, is looking in new directions. And the new 1:32 route will be taken together with NINCO. Yes, Ascari will be featured on race tracks around the world from this day forth, race tracks that lie in the blistering heat of Dubai's back yards, sub-zero temperatures of Scandinavian attics and down-town NY backrooms. What we're talking about is of course slot cars. The new Ascari A10 and KZ1R slot cars will be compatible with NINCO's NDigital track system and will be on sale in specialist professional hobby stores in 25 countries. Jason Cairns of Ascari had the follwing to say: "Slot car enthusiasts who have seen the Ascari KZ1R on the GT3 circuit in UK and Europe can now recreate the race atmosphere in their own front room."

Gallery: Ascari Supercar Hits Slot Car Tracks

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