ProDrive and Cosworth Light-Weight Armoured Vehicle Program

The MIA (Motorsport Industry Association) which includes senior representatives from companies like ProDrive, Cosworth, WilliamsF1, Lola, Xtrac, Alcon and Honda Racing F1 has been having friendly chats with the DMA (Defence Manufacturers Association) which in turn consists of MOD; Defence Industries Council; Lockheed Martin USA; AgustaWestland; QinetiQ; BAE Systems; Intellect; Standish Group and the Armoured Trials and Development Unit. Right, so what does that mean? It means that the sportscar industry is looking to work together with the army. Right, and what does THAT mean? THAT means that there is serious consideration to build a new light-weight armoured vehicle. No details yet of course, but if Prodrive is involved, maybe they'll slap some kevlar on the P2, stick a gun on the roof and shoehorn a V8 into the engine compartment.

Gallery: ProDrive and Cosworth Light-Weight Armoured Vehicle Program

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