A mysterious Mercedes-Benz C-Class mule wearing camouflage was spied up close near the Nürburgring in Germany, indicating a new member will likely join the range in the future.

The all-new C-Class just came out so it is way too early in the game for a facelift which can only mean Mercedes-Benz is cooking up a new derivative. Although at a first sight it might look like a regular C-Class, upon a closer inspection you will notice the hood is longer and it also comes with wider wheel arches.

It could be a "four-door coupe" which will be positioned between the CLA and CLS since there is a big gap to fill. Mercedes-Benz's R&D chief Thomas Weber already announced the C-Class lineup will be expanded beyond the familiar body styles and even admitted there is room between the CLA and CLS, adding that Mercedes is "intensively looking at remaining niches that will provide us with profitability and growth." Another possible identity of this camouflaged car is a C-Class hatchback to compete with the BMW 4-Series Gran Turismo

However, we have a feeling this could turn out to be an early next-gen E-Class mule set to come out sometime in 2016 as a sedan and wagon, followed a year later by the coupe and cabrio.

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