The Tesla Model X was originally slated to be launched in 2013 but that date has been pushed back as the company focused on repaying their government loans and ramping up production of the Model S. Thankfully, the delays appear to be over as the company has confirmed the model will go into production early next year.

In an e-mail to customers who have already reserved the model, the company said the crossover "will be a production car that exceeds the promises made when we first showed the concept." The e-mail goes on to say the first prototypes will be built this fall and the production model is slated to roll of the assembly line in early 2015.

The message went on to state the production model will come standard with all-wheel drive and "deliver a level of functionality and practicality that will exceed what you saw on the concept vehicle." A third-row seat will also be optional and the model is slated to keep the concept's distinctive "falcon wing" doors.

Gallery: Tesla Model X production slated for early 2015, will keep the falcon wing doors

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