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A couple of images with a one-off Ferrari F12 Berlinetta called "TRS" have surfaced the web.

Ferrari's Special Projects division has been quite busy lately with one-off models such as the SP12 EC, SP America, SP FFX and now photographs with a new model called F12 TRS have emerged. Details are limited at this moment but we notice the vehicle adopts a targa open-top configuration and looks more aggressive (and perhaps better) than the regular Berlinetta.

According to Jalopnik, the special model was commissioned by a wealthy customer who was willing to pay no less than 4.2M USD which would make the LaFerrari chump change at 1.4M USD. Besides looking a lot different compared to the standard F12, the guys from FerrariChat are indicating this vehicle has been fitted with an F1-inspired KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) which means that for a limited amount of time the car offers more than the stock 740 PS (544 kW) from its 6.2-liter V12 engine.

The car's name hasn't been confirmed but this is probably it since last week Ferrari trademarked the symbol at home in Italy.

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