A new rumor is indicating Porsche is planning a "coupe" version of the Cayenne. Could go on sale next year.

A new rumor is indicating Porsche is planning a "coupe" version of the Cayenne.

More than a month ago there was a report suggesting Porsche will launch a coupe-like version of the Cayenne in 2018 based on the third generation. However, it seems we won't have to wait that long as a new rumor suggests such a model will be out as early as next year shortly after the upcoming facelift of the second-gen model.

Although both these reports use the word "coupe", don’t expect the original meaning of the word as the vehicle will have just about the same body style as the BMW X6 and the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz ML Coupe. In other words, expect a more sloped roofline at the back which will have a negative impact on rear room and cargo capacity.

Besides the different body, this new Porsche Cayenne derivative will likely receive a retuned suspension and steering to provide a sharper response. It is believed the model will boast wider front and rear tracks as well as a lowered ride height to offer a sportier driving position.

The standard Cayenne facelift will be revealed in the months to come, possibly in October at the Paris Motor Show before going on sale late this year. If this rumor will turn out to be true, the "coupe" version will be introduced in the first half of 2015.

Note: 2011 Porsche Cayenne sketch pictured

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