Volvo has announced the 2015 Volvo XC90 will be offered with a Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

The system will feature 19 speakers, 7 tweeters, 4 cone woofers and an air-ventilated subwoofer that is integrated into the body of the car. As Volvo audio guru Michael Adenauer explained "The subwoofer design is integrated into our new Scalable Product Architecture and is possibly a world first in the automotive industry. This increases the subwoofer’s capacity to pulse more air, which enables extremely low bass tones all the way down to 20 Hz. In principle, it turns the whole interior space in the car into a giant subwoofer.”

The XC90 will also become the first car to feature a center speaker with Bowers & Wilkins' "tweeter-on-top technology." It promises to produce a "more open" and "spacious sound."

The crossover also has advanced software that can recreate the acoustic qualities of the Gothenburg Concert Hall as well as other music venues and concert halls.

Check out the press release for additional information

Gallery: 2015 Volvo XC90 to feature a Bowers & Wilkins audio system [video]

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