Subaru didn't make it to Geneva with a new car or concept / study model, but they did bring their new Boxer Turbo Diesel. An engine that plenty of Subaru lovers in Europe have been wetting their pants for, or at least, Subaru Pres & CEO Ikuo Mori certainly hopes so. This Diesel engine should open Subaru up to whole new markets, and they expect to grow their sales by 40% over three years. A tough task which will need more than just a new engine. Subaru plans to bring a new car onto the market every year over the next three years. One of the new cars will be the R1e, an entirely electrical car. It's all new for Europe, but in Japan TEPCO (Electric company) has been using this car for a while now and are very pleased about it. But first Subaru will bring the Justy back, eventhough its not even a real Subaru.

Geneva Motor Show: Subaru goes Diesel and Electric