Roush is best known for their engines, but they have some talented designers running around the place too, which the Roush Mustangs (BlackJack, 427R, etc) prove without a doubt. And now the Roush designers, including mr Jack Roush himself, have turned their collective hands at designing some rear window louvers, in true pony car style! Jack: "When we started to design these ROUSH rear window louvers I wanted to make sure that we kept the look as original as possible. That's part of the reason why this is the only kit on the market that has a retro-style hinge like those found on the original louvers from the '69 and '70 Mustangs." The louvers have a Venetian-style bend and unique spacing between each slat so that the louvers follow the Mustang roofline. It also doesn't interfere with the drivers rearward view either, which would be a good thing, and they have been track tested, to make sure they stay on at highway speeds! Now I just need a Mustang.

Gallery: Roush Retro Rear Window Louvers