Even the artist is a bit unsure on this one.

There's no doubt this imaginative Ford F-150 experiment is a bit silly, but sometimes such activities open the mind to something broader. Sedan sales have fallen while pickups continue to rule the highways of America, but what if sedans were a bit more truck-like? That's been done before, namely with vehicles like the Chevy El Camino and the plethora of Utes from Australia. Perhaps a better question is, what if trucks were a bit more sedan like?

We aren't sure if anyone is asking that question, but The Sketch Monkey offers something of an answer with this interesting F-150 sedan. You know it's going to be interesting when the process begins without a clear plan to a final design. For that matter, the image below may not even be a final design, primarily because the video tells us so. Never the less, we have a smooshed pickup to examine but as you absorb this abstract idea, keep one important thought in mind. Sometimes, the best way forward is to go backward. We'll talk more about this in a bit.

Ford F-150 Sedan Rendering

According to the video, the biggest challenge was downsizing the Ford's sizable front clip to create a proportional sedan. That's rather ironic, because from our perspective it's the rear that looks awkward. The F-150's face doesn't look bad at all in scaled-down form, and it very much resembles the best-selling truck. The back half isn't as appealing with its broad sides, looking very much like a Chrysler 300 with a C-pillar designed as an afterthought. But we share The Sketch Monkey's pain. How do you create a stylish sedan when the source material is basically a brick?

Perhaps going backward is the key. Visually, this is a bonkers idea to make an F-150 sedan. However, such a real-life project would mean the return of a big body-on-frame sedan – vehicles that ruled American highways long before trucks. The Ford Crown Victoria was the last holdout of this bygone era, so perhaps inspiration from the boxy 'Vic of the 1980s could solve this chunky conundrum?

In any case, we hope the quirky idea is pursued further. Admittedly, we're also had a bit too much caffeine today.